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Curator: Chus Martínez

Double my affections!

Discover site-specific artistic dialogues in the rural environment, created from the desire to connect with the earth, to generate bonds and retrieve knowledge.


Exhibition view of 'Double my affections!': central nave (2023-02-21) by Álvaro Urbano, Teresa Solar, and Belén RodriguezCollegium

This exhibition takes its title from a quote by the poet Ramón Llull, serving as a starting point from which six contemporary Spanish artists, through site-specific projects, reflect on the capacity of art to generate and multiply affections.

View of the Exhibition: ¡Doblad mis amores! (2023-02-21) by Belén Rodriguez and Álvaro UrbanoCollegium

Belén Rodríguez, Yellow is the forest, 2023

Belén Rodríguez seeks to approach the traditions of the north of Spain, related to the art of dyeing with plants. That land is real and this forest is real because those pigments are trees, they are the very substance of plants.

View of the Exhibition: ¡Doblad mis amores! (2023-02-21) by Pep VidalCollegium

Pep Vidal, Lucky break, 2022 – 23

Recreating that lucky chamber he found in an abandoned house in Arévalo makes perfect sense. Doubling, duplicating, multiplying all the positive forces, all the imaginations dedicated to dreaming of a better place is the ultimate goal of this project.

Inverted Kingdom (2022) by Teresa SolarCollegium

Teresa Solar, Inverted Kingdom, 2022

This is a mountain with legs, I am sure you have already noticed. Our mountain has come to meet you in Arévalo to listen to those stories, to serve as an excuse to remember stories and to invent others to maintain the link between people.

View of the Exhibition: ¡Doblad mis amores! (2023-02-21) by Regina de MiguelCollegium

Regina de Miguel, AIMÍSTICA, 2023

Regina creates a film, a digital animation that refers to mysticism. Mysticism, which has made us famous for centuries, alludes to the ability to walk on water, to take walks in the clouds ... In other words: it names a state in which we forget ourselves.

View of the Exhibition: ¡Doblad mis amores! (2023-02-21) by Álvaro UrbanoCollegium

Álvaro Urbano, Nights in the gardens of Spain, 2023

These oranges are made of concrete. One could interpret that the construction of our towns could turn its back on this material and rediscover stone, clay and wood and that cement would be relegated to works of art, specifically, fruits of art.

Exhibition view 'Double my Affections!'. Teresa Solar's sketches. (2023-09-03) by Teresa SolarCollegium

«Exhibitions, in my opinion, provide us with a space to see art and, at the same time, to think about a better way of feeling in general. You will agree with me that multiplying our desires is a guarantee of a better world.» Chus Martínez, curator.

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Texts by Chus Martínez, presentation by Aldones Nino.

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