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cleared up the mystery of the wing


success and international recognition goes back mainly to his
successful gliding flights from 1891 onwards. His experimental
groundwork and tests starting from 1873 are fundamental for aviation
up to now. In his book ”Bird Flight As The Basis Of Aviation”
published in 1889, he presented the physical laws of the wing that
are still valid today.

The book "birdflight as the basis of aviation" - the foundation of (1889) by Otto LilienthalOtto-Lilienthal-Museum

The science base of the artificial wing

Watercolor "Circling Storks" (1889) by Otto LilienthalOtto-Lilienthal-Museum

Lilienthal's teachers

wing flapping experiment (1889) by Otto LilienthalOtto-Lilienthal-Museum

First idea: Wing flapping

Whirling arm device, Otto Lilienthal, 1989, From the collection of: Otto-Lilienthal-Museum
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Plate VIII from Lilienthal's book "Birdflight as a Basis of Aviation" (1889) by Lilienthal, OttoOtto-Lilienthal-Museum

The teacher stork

Polar diagram - quintessence of Lilienthal's measurements (1889) by Otto LilienthalOtto-Lilienthal-Museum

Lilienthal's wing characteristics - used in the same way even today

understanding the mystery of flight (2000)Otto-Lilienthal-Museum

Hands on experiment in the exhibition of Otto-Lilienthal-Museum

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