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Museimpresa - AEMuseo (2023/2023) by Lorenzo PassoniMuseimpresa

Who we are

Museimpresa, the association of Italian Business Archives and Museums, was founded in 2001 as part of the Italian Industrial Federation. Today it brings together more than 130 companies and institutions.

Bracco - Bracco laboratories in Milano Lambrate (1960s)Museimpresa

The network

Corporate archives and museums preserve and enhance their own industrial and cultural heritage by making it accessible to the public.

They are extraordinary vehicles that summarize history and innovation in our country, making it possible to document and recount what companies have achieved and continue to achieve for Italy’s economic growth and social and civil development.

Museo Nicolis - The Bicycles collectionMuseimpresa


Museimpresa members provide a rich landscape of top quality products in the main sectors of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand: design, food & wine, engineering and mechanical industries, fashion, economics and research.

Museimpresa - Workshop (2023/2023)Museimpresa


Museimpresa association promotes and disseminates business culture through networking activities, seminars, conferences, meetings, partnerships and collaborations with schools and universities.

Main activities of the association

Museimpresa - ADI Design Museum (2023/2023) by Lorenzo PassoniMuseimpresa

Since 2001 - Company Cultural Week

Company Cultural Week is a national event promoted by Confindustria and Museimpresa. Museimpresa takes part with a rich array of initiatives: conferences and meetings, movie, exhibitions and installations, workshops, special openings and guided tours, book presentation. 

The event takes place in November and represents the highlight of initiatives linked to the promotion of company Culture in Italy.

Museimpresa - Salone del Libro di Torino (2022/2022)Museimpresa

2022 - Turin International Book Fair

Museimpresa participated in the 2022 edition of the Torino Book Fair, the most important Italian event in the field of publishing. Together with associated museums and archives the association organized interviews with distinguished guests, talks and events.

Museimpresa - Unmuseoalminuto (2022/2022)Museimpresa

2022 - #unmuseoalminuto

Installation of a large digital clock at the ADI Design Museum in Milan. Every minute, the clock reveals one of the 130  business archives and museums through one image from their collections.. Each archive has a visibility of 1700 minutes/year.

Museimpresa - Nel tempo di una storia (2021/2021) by What Italy IsMuseimpresa

2021 - Nel tempo di una storia

“Nel tempo di una storia” (In the Time of a Story) is an original account of the industrial and cultural heritage in the museums and archives of italian companies. Corporate museums and business archives will be celebrated through the story told by  photographer Simone Bramante.

Objects, documents, images, photographs and films are turned into Instagram stories that reveal a unique heritage, an expression of Italian culture and creativity that illustrates the history and value of Italy’s production and businesses.

Museimpresa - Matera (2023/2023)Museimpresa

Since 2020 - Business routes

A tale of Italian savoir-faire, in collaboration with the Touring Club, to give value to the beautiful and the well-made, discovering territories whose beauty, history, traditions, design, and enterprise make up the cultural, artistic and social wealth of the country.

The itineraries are dedicated to member museums and business archives, exploiting synergies with the territory. A journey to rediscover and narrate what surrounds us: widespread beauty close to home.

Museimpresa - Newmuseums (2019/2019)Museimpresa

2019 - Film: Newmuseum(s)

A 45-minute film that explores the characteristics of archives and museums. It asks what identifies an archive/museums and how they work. How have these places evolved in Italy and Europe?

The theme is discussed by 14 museum directors, archivists, historians, communication experts, architects, musicians, and artists who have worked to bring archives and museums to life through different media. Presented to the European Parliament.

Museimpresa - Icone d'impresa (2016/2016)Museimpresa

2016 - Book: Icone d’impresa

A “documentary” volume that uses the objects stored in Italian corporate museums to recount the past, the evolution of civilizations and cultures, and the stories of hidden treasures and every-day objects.

The story of “Made in Italy” objects is told with a common thread in a single document: they are symbols of industry that tell the story of companies, the workforce and their entrepreneurs. The book is a research project created thanks to the curators of the museums which are part of Museimpresa. 

Museimpresa - 50+ (2015/2015) by Guido GiannoneMuseimpresa

2015 - Exhibition 50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria

The exhibition tells the story of Italian industry through the iconic objects of the corporate museums and business archives, from the Vespa to the Campari bottle, the Barilla pasta box and Olivetti’s Valentine typewriter, etc; objects that have changed our lives and our culture.

The exhibition is laid out like an extended timeline, weaving together history, communication, design, and technological and product innovations that have transformed specific objects into icons in the collective imagination.

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