The Hutchings Museum's Veterans Memorial Hall has artifacts and personal items from many of the conflicts the United States has been involved in. This exhibit features items relating to the Navy during World War II.

Copy of Newspaper Article (circa 1942) by Archive MaterialHutchings Museum Institute

Navy Cross

Lt. Dorton of Lehi, Utah was awarded, by President Truman, the Navy Cross. This is a newspaper clipping of the citation from U.S. Navy Admiral Halsey. Lt. Dorton was Pilot of a Navy Patrol Plane and commander of Rescue Squadron Three. He executed a rough landing in Japanese Waters where he was able to take aboard all survivors of a sunken fighter pilot and the sunken search plane. 

Navy Cross PhotographHutchings Museum Institute

The Navy Cross is the second highest medal that can be awarded for bravery during combat. This is the cross that was awarded to Lt. Dorton who resided in Lehi, Utah. 

Army-Navy Insignia Guide (circa 1942) by Wonder BreadHutchings Museum Institute

Army-Navy Insignia Guide

During the war, propaganda was distributed everywhere. This piece was distributed with every purchase of Wonder Bread. As one rotates the wheel, different insignia and their respective titles appear on the arm of each officer.

50th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Commemorative Coin

These coins were given to members of the armed forces who were present and on duty on the day of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941. This coin belonged to Glen J. Peterson, a Lehi, Utah resident who was the communities only survivor from the attack. Peterson was assigned to board the USS Rigel with a five man group to rescue as many men as they could from the burning water. 

Photograph (3) (circa 1942) by Archive MaterialHutchings Museum Institute

Paul S. Julian

Julian joined the Navy in 1945. After his discharge, he went to Pharmaceutical school and opened Julian's Drug in Lehi, Utah.

USN TB-8 Flashlight Flat PhotographHutchings Museum Institute

USN TB-8 Flashlight

The convex shape of the lens helps to soften the light over a large area. This is opposed to the bright and focused beam that comes from typical  flashlights. These were largely used and quite helpful in reading maps in the dark. This flashlight belonged to Paul S. Julian.

The Bluejacket's Manual PhotographHutchings Museum Institute

The Bluejacket's Manual

The "bible" for Navy personnel, these manuals have been distributed since 1902. This copy is the 12th edition, issued in 1944. These handbooks teach sailors about navy procedures. This manual belonged to Paul S. Julian. 

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