Sustainable Design in the Global Design Graduate Show

Learn how graduates work sustainably to create forward-thinking designs for the planet


Sustainable Design 2 (2020) by Anubha SoodGlobal Design Graduate Show

Anubha Sood

Anubha's work is centred around the sustainable ecology of making that provokes a sentiment addressing our current systems of production and their entanglement with the natural world. She liberates material of its practical purpose and exploring its sensorial aspects. 

Sustainable Design 3 (2021) by Darcy HillGlobal Design Graduate Show

Darcy Hill

The design of the Potters' Chair was influenced by Japanese craftsmanship, allowing the humble elements to speak for themselves.

Sustainable Design 4 (2021) by Darcy HillGlobal Design Graduate Show

Darcy designs through making and in doing this, she has learnt multiple ways of portraying her designs, such as in physical forms with timber and clay. 

Sustainable Design 5 (2021) by Ellie PerryGlobal Design Graduate Show

Ellie Perry

Ellie Perry's work is driven by coming up with sustainable design alternatives, providing modern solutions to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Sustainable Design 6 (2021) by Michelle GouwGlobal Design Graduate Show

Michelle Gouw

Michelle is an aspiring designer, born in Jakarta based in Singapore with strong passion in architecture, urban design and arts. Her experience working in both local and international firms has developed her design sensibility for projects ranging in scale and typology.  

Sustainable Design 7 (2021) by Michelle GouwGlobal Design Graduate Show

Michelle believes that architecture should shape a sustainable future for human and environments through promoting food production, promoting renewable energy and allowing ecosystems to remain intact for example.

Sustainable Design 8 (2020) by Paul MendietaGlobal Design Graduate Show

Paul Mendieta

'Deploy' by Paul Mendieta aims to help rural communities in developing countries to access clean water, by providing them with an affordable and more sustainable option which adapts to their water storage needs. 

Sustainable Design 9 (2020) by Paul MendietaGlobal Design Graduate Show

Deploy is the first-ever air-deployed, ready-to-use concrete water tank. Each tank has been designed to supply 500 to 2000 people, with a capacity of 40 000 litres.

Sustainable Design 10 (2021) by Stefan PerriardGlobal Design Graduate Show

Stefan Perriard

'Copenhagen Light Rail' by Stefan Perriard is a retake on the planned rail for Copenhagen in 2035. The project shows how the rail can be integrated into car-free streets, enhance the aesthetic qualities of local areas, and make the interior feel inclusive for all passengers. 

Sustainable Design 11 (2021) by Stefan PerriardGlobal Design Graduate Show

The individual carriages can be turned into mobile healthcare clinics or pop-up shops that are parked at the rail stops. A new type of social and cultural infrastructure that can circulate experiences and goods from each district for a more equal accessible Copenhagen. 

Natura by Angéla Bognár 7 (2020) by Angéla BognárGlobal Design Graduate Show

Angéla Bognár

The bulk of Angéla's projects and inspired by the connection between nature and humankind. She emphasises eco-logical thinking and sustainability in her work.

Natura by Angéla Bognár 9 (2020) by Angéla BognárGlobal Design Graduate Show

Biomorphic elements found in nature often form harmony with the proportions of the human body, providing an opportunity to experimentally rewrite an object of use (shoes) that comes into direct contact with humans in everyday life. 

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