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A Shepherd's Odyssey - Rob Forsey (2023) by Rob ForseyGlobal Design Graduate Show

Architecture Winner Rob Forsey

Rob is an Architecture MArch graduate from University of Westminster and is based in London.

A Shepherd’s Odyssey proposes an aqueduct and viaduct infrastructure to supply water to arid regions of south Italy, whilst aiding seasonal migration of livestock from north to south. 

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Shan Shan - Ching-Ying Chu 2 (2023-05-01) by Ching-Ying ChuGlobal Design Graduate Show

Furniture winner Ching-Ying Chu

Ching-Ying is an industrial design graduate from Shih Chien University and is based in New Taipei City.

Shan Shan is a stylish camping table inspired by the traditional Chinese folding fan structure and can be curled and stored away by rotating the crossbar.

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Design For Social Good winner Luke Talbot

Luke is a Product Design BA Hons graduate from Central Saint Martins UAL and is based in London.

My PowerBank is designed for people experiencing homelessness in London. The power bank can be charged for free by attaching and peddling on any stationary Santander bicycle.

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Industrial Design winner Stijn van Cuijk

Stijn is an Advanced Product Design MFA graduate from Umeå Institute of Design and is based in Tilburg.

Jabra Assist is a high-bandwidth communication device for emergency services, incorporating live video streaming, completely replacing the traditional hand-held radio. 

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VITAlizing Watertanks - Kevin Chellakudam (2023) by Kevin ChellakudamGlobal Design Graduate Show

Interior Architecture winner Kevin Chellakudam

Kevin is an Interior Architecture MA graduate from HEAD Genève and is based in Zurich.

Vitalising Watertanks aims to create social housing in Kaloor, India, using the empty part of the structure that supports a working water tank. It aims to reduce slums and revive water canals.

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Reef Rocket - Mary Lempres (2023) by Mary LempresGlobal Design Graduate Show

Material Innovation winner Mary Lempres

Mary is an Industrial Design MID graduate from Pratt School of Design and is based in New York.

Reef Rocket is a biocement reef structure grown by plant-derived enzymes to decarbonize cement production by employing nature in the manufacturing process.

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kettle - Harry Miller-Adams (2023) by Harry Miller-AdamsGlobal Design Graduate Show

Product Design winner Harry Miller-Adams

Harry is a Product Design BA Hons graduate from Middlesex University based in London.

Kettle. provides instant hot water while pouring, efficiently reducing both energy and water waste, eliminating overfilling/over-boiling instances & stimulating sustainable behaviour change. 

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Transition Toolkit - India Macpherson (2023) by India MacphersonGlobal Design Graduate Show

Service Design winner India Macpherson

India Macpherson is an Industrial Design BA Hons graduate from MADA Monash University and is based in Melbourne.

Transition Toolkit looks how open source design can best support the mental health system, within a customisable framework of workshops and printed materials. 

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green and cream jars (2023-06-01) by Julia JaworskaGlobal Design Graduate Show

Product/Arch/Interiors Public Vote Winner Julia Jaworska

Julia Jaworska is a Product Design BA graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and is based in Warsaw.

Sour was inspired by the Polish food fermentation culture. It presents the practice of food preservation in a new light; for vegetables, fermented drinks & dairy products.

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