Life of a Redwood Tree

A close reading of a redwood tree reveals clues about resilient communities


Mother of The Forest and the Redwoods

The unique ecosystem of California.

Redwood Loop trail - Mother of the ForestCyArk

Mother of the Forest

Learn about redwood trees by exploring the Mother of the Forest named tree captured in 3D after the 2020 CZU Lightning Fire. 

Redwood Loop trail - Mother of the ForestCyArk

Mother of the Forest

Likely one of the oldest trees at Big Basin, Mother of the Forest is distinct for how fire has transformed the tree and how it has adapted over time.  

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Mother Tree by CyArkCyArk

Joanne Kerbavaz: Living Fossils

A Living Fossil

"Redwoods are survivors...remnants of a forest from maybe 50 million years ago."

Joanne Kerbavaz: Tree Architecture

Unique Tree Architecture

"These trees that have been standing for 1,000, maybe 2,000 years."

Joanne Kerbavaz: Mother of the Forest Significance

Peoples Favorite Tree

"The Mother of the Forest is probably one of the most loved trees along the Redwood Loop."

Joanne Kerbavaz: CZU Fire redwoods impact

Redwoods and Fire

"Until fire gets through that bark and into the heartwood of the tree, they can resist the effects of fire."

Joanne Kerbavaz: Bounty of Forest

Bounty of the Forest

"Because they're so tall...they capture moisture that then falls as rain during the dry summers of California."

Joanne Kerbavaz: Bird Nesting

Complexity Brings Diversity

The first known marbled murrelet nest in Big Basin was discovered near Mother of the Forest and the area became a prominent space for nesting. 

Joanne Kerbavaz: Mother of the Forest Fire Impact

Future of Mother of the Forest

"Mother of the Forest will come back quicker than some of the other trees."

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