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Music Industry meets Music Education

Outcomes and findings from a symposium addressing the New National Plan for Music Education


The Symposium was held at St Paul's Centre, Hammersmith

HarrisonParrott Foundation and Tri-borough Music Hub held a symposium for music education and industry colleagues to discuss how to improve music access for young people, and how educators and industry can work together to better achieve this.

The HarrisonParrott Foundation Symposium toom place on Friday 4 November 2022 by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

Who was there?

Conceived as a response to the New National Plan for Music Education, the Symposium brought together young people, caregivers, educators, hubs, music education organisations and the music industry, all committed to improving music access.

Deputy Headteacher Sasha Marius-Beeko opened our campfire sessions by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

We are all connected

Let's think about the music industry and education not as two separate things, but as an interconnected ecosystem each needing the other to thrive

Jasper Parrott is the founder of the HarrisonParrott Foundation, a charitable foundation promoting equality in the arts and access to music by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

The Music Ecosystem

Jasper Parrott shared his much-loved metaphor of how the interconnectivity of the ecosystem of the forest, parallels the music education and music industry relationship. All of it is interconnected and must work together to create a strong, thriving ‘forest’.

Clara Cullen is from the Music Venues Trust by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

Nurturing our Grassroots

Continuing the music ecosystem theme, Clara Cullen from Music Venues Trust talked about the health of Grassroots Music Venues, and how these organisations need to be nurtured for the benefit of venues development and programming, communities and upcoming artists to explore music.

Jasper Parrott opens the symposium with a speech by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

What can we do? - filling in the gaps

Voluntary relationships between schools and music hubs means that music education coverage isn’t as good as it could be because it is still based on personal connections. Clarify what YOU need from a partnership, and what can you bring that is missing.

Deputy Headteacher Sasha Marius-Beeko delivers an enlightening opening to the HP Foundation symposium by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

Underground xylophone trading

Sasha Marius-Beeko shared that music teachers are often forced to engage in instrument trading akin to playground Pokemon cards: “I’ll give you one xylophone for two saxophones". Money has been promised to buy instruments, but money is not always enough to bridge the tools gap. 

The HarrisonParrott Foundation Symposium took place at St Paul's Centre in Hammersmith, London by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

How do I get into music?

For some young people, a music career is not just about creative fulfilment. It's a route out of extreme poverty/social challenges. The music industry needs to communicate better about the breadth of roles in the music industry. 

Lissy Kelleher-Clarke is the HarrisonParrott Foundation manager by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation


Focus on a Full Venue Experience – not just the performance, but the sound desk, lighting, and all elements of production. Give young people a real taste of working in music as a whole industry e.g. provide day trips to a music venue or production studio.

Crispin Woodhead is Chief Executive of Orchetsra of the age of Enlightenment by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

An orchestra... in a school!

The OAE moved into a school in north London. They support schoolchildren in getting work experience in all areas related to production and has even afforded them opportunities to direct the OAE’s music videos. They may also attend any OAE rehearsals at anytime. 

Kate Lynch and Joe Walsh represent Orchestras for All by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

Meeting young people where they are at

Orchestras for All brings together young people who would not usually be able to access an orchestra e.g. live remotely, health issues, fees, or faced discrimination. OFA brings music opportunities to young people, rather than expecting them to come to us.

Chris Hodges from The Rhythm Studio and Stuart Whatmore from Tri-borough Music Hub by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

The Future of Sound starts at school

Stuart Whatmore & Chris Hodges highlighted Future Sounds which offers an opportunity for schools to link with the music industry in a meaningful way, and provides performance events for Secondary school-aged contemporary musicians to showcase their talents.

Barry Fairmond-Chuong MBE founded Open Up Music by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

You are not disabled if there is an lift

Barry Fairmond-Chuong talked about the importance of co-design when working on projects focussed on improving accessibility in music, including not only the musician but also their support network, to create software that really works for the user e.g The Clarion.

Young artist Magan Wilcox performs some of her songs by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

Music is more than just 'tick the boxes'

Music needs to use data to its advantage, to show how important music is for career opportunities and personal development. Having the right data in the right place will also motivate parents to see music as a real career worth investing in.

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin is Chief Executive of UK Music by HarrisonParrott FoundationHarrisonParrott Foundation

Just one piece of music can change everything

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin (UK Music) shared how exposure to as many varieties of musical styles as possible may bear fruit. Ligeti’s Métamorphoses nocturnes had a truly transformative effect on Jamie and sparked his commitment to a life and career in music. 

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